At Reveal IT, we have specialized in utilizing open source software.

An old slogan at the inception of the open source movement was:

  • "Free as in speech" - all of the Drupal system is freely available, and one is free to use it all and adapt it to one's specific needs.
  • "Free as in beer" - it is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees, you only pay for the time used to set up the website.

The open source tools and projects are being developed, tested and refined by thousands of developers across the world. We can therefore meet our clients' needs faster and cheaper, and deliver high quality and secure solutions.

Over the years, we have used a number of open source tools, including:

  • Drupal - a world-class modular content management framework with a fast growing user base.
  • Django - an effective development tool for making complex web applications.
  • Node.js - used to make "real time" and "single page" web applications.

At present, our preferred tool is Drupal. Experience has shown us that most of our projects can be solved by combining Drupal's basic powerful structure with tailor-made extension-modules, which we develop specifically according to our clients' needs.

Having worked extensively with open source software, the developers at Reveal IT have become a part of a large network of developers all over the world, who exchange know-how. This has given us a competitive edge and is one of the reasons why our competences are in high demand by other Drupal web agencies.

Besides making entire projects we also do code reviews and teach about usage and best practices. We develop systems architectures for larger systems, as well as creating especially complex components.

At Reveal IT, no assignment is too big or too small, and we are always interested in hearing about your project.

to hear more or let us know how we can help you.